Child Custody in Southlake, Texas

At Laurence A. DePlaza, P.C., we often remind parents that divorce can be hard on children. It is critical for Southlake parents to put their child’s interest first and to make decisions that will be best for the children involved, both during the divorce and afterward.

Our Plano, Texas, attorneys use years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the law to help parents do this. We work closely with the people we represent, educating them about the law and helping them make the right decisions. We then take forceful action to protect our clients’ interests and the interests of their children.

Texas Child Custody Law: Parenting Plan Requirements

In 2005, the Texas Legislature began requiring that divorcing parents add a parenting plan to their final divorce documents. The legislature stated that parenting plans must meet certain requirements, including:

  • Conservatorship rights of the parents (Texas law prefers this term over “custody”)
  • Visitation schedule
  • Child support
  • Discussion of other issues that may affect the children

At Laurence A. DePlaza, P.C., we discuss all of these issues with the Southlake parents we represent. When we draft or review parenting plans, we take the law into account, making sure that our clients’ rights are protected at all times.

Divorce and Parent-Child Relationships

Divorcing fathers often face trouble when it comes to their continuing relationships with their children. According to a 2003 study from the University of North Florida, it is dads — not moms — who are likely to see a major decline in contact with at least one child after a divorce. The study compared divorced fathers with stably married fathers, and also discovered that divorced mothers tended to become closer to their children after the divorce was finalized.

While fathers have the right to worry about how their divorces will affect their relationships with their children, they should know that Texas child custody law does not state that mothers are preferred over fathers. The law is written to protect a child’s best interests. When determining what child custody arrangement will best protect those interests, courts consider the facts of the case. Both fathers and mothers are considered equally; it is the facts, like who has traditionally been the primary caretaker, that drive the court’s decision.

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