Hidden Assets & Divorce

It is not unusual for one spouse to have little knowledge regarding the amount and location of marital assets, especially if there are multiple investment and business accounts. While having one spouse manage the finances in a marriage often works well, it can be a nightmare when identifying assets for division in a divorce.

Tracing Hidden Money & Assets With A Divorce Attorney

Plano family law attorney Laurence A. DePlaza has more than 30+ years of experience helping clients resolve difficult issues that arise during divorce in Plano, Dallas, Fort-Worth, Keller, Allen, McKinney, Frisco, Grapevine, Colleyville & across North Texas. As our founding lawyer, he helps clients trace hidden money and assets that another spouse was hiding, either intentionally or unintentionally. Contact The Law Office of Laurence A. DePlaza, P.C. to discuss how to find hidden assets, and to help ensure a fair, equitable division of property agreement in your divorce case.

Using Financial Experts

Our firm has access to a network of forensic professionals who can be extremely useful in developing and presenting your case on property division. By using accountants, financial consultants and other experts, we can help ensure proper valuation of a business and trace funds that are disguised as business assets or hidden in foreign bank accounts. We work closely with these financial specialists to review bank accounts, financial books, recent account activities, and identify other clues with regard to money transfers and investments.

We are very committed to tracing and uncovering all assets that are eligible for division in a divorce.

Protecting Your Assets

Our Plano divorce lawyers also provide legal advice and representation to business owners and other professionals who are being accused of hiding assets. Our experience on both sides of the aisle allows us to anticipate the approach of the other party and prepare the support and resources necessary to resolve the situation.

If you are going through a divorce and need help tracing hidden assets, or if you have been accused of hiding assets, please contact an experienced Texas divorce attorney at the Plano law firm of Laurence A. DePlaza, P.C..