Child Support Modification Lawyers

Years after a child support order has been issued, it may become necessary to modify the amount that was originally determined. As lives change and children grow older, financial needs and circumstances change. In these times, it is not uncommon for parents to seek a child support modification – whether the parent is receiving child support or paying it.

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When Is Child Support Modification Necessary?

If one parent loses his or her job and suddenly cannot make child support payments, he or she cannot simply stop paying child support. The parent is still legally responsible for paying. Before changing child support either up or down, it is necessary to work through the court system to obtain a child support modification.

There are specific circumstances under which child support can be modified. Some common reasons why child support may be increased or decreased include:

  • Significant change in income
  • Job loss
  • Change in the financial needs of the child

Talk to a family law attorney if you are interested in changing your child support payments. The financial needs of your child will be considered by Texas family courts. Their goal is to make sure your child’s best interests are considered throughout the legal process.

Contact Child Support Modification Attorneys

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