Plano Spousal Support Modification Lawyers

In some but not all divorces, one spouse will be required to pay alimony (or spousal support) to the other spouse. The goal of alimony is to ensure that the financial needs of the receiving spouse are met after the marriage ends. Alimony is especially common in marriages where one spouse worked and the other stayed at home.

However, as time passes and life circumstances change, it often becomes necessary to modify alimony.

The law firm of Laurence A. DePlaza, P.C.represent Texas clients in spousal support/alimony modification matters. If you are currently paying spousal support and wish to reduce the amount – if you are currently receiving spousal support and your financial needs are not being met – or if you have another concern and wish to speak to a Plano spousal support modification attorney, please contact us online today.

When Can Spousal Support Be Modified?

Texas family courts will consider modifying spousal support if either party has experienced a significant change in circumstances that necessitates a modification. Some examples include:

  • Significant change in income
  • Remarriage
  • Cost of living increase
  • Disability or illness
  • Financial emergency

If you are looking to modify or terminate spousal support, it is important to get advice and guidance from an experienced family law attorney. Our law firm has significant experience representing clients in these matters. We can work with you to determine your specific options, whether you are currently receiving or paying spousal support.

Contact Alimony Modification Attorneys

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