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Divorce agreements are made with the best interests of the family in mind. While they consider evolving situations, they do not always take into account job loss, remarriage, relocation or another significant change in circumstances. Texas family law takes full account of the possibility that a person may need to modify his or her divorce agreements over time.

Modification of Child Support, Visitation Schedule, Custody & More

Do you need advice about modification of a child custody decree, spousal support order, child support obligation, or child visitation schedule? Contact an experienced Plano child custody modification attorney at the law firm of Laurence A. DePlaza, P.C..

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Child Custody Modification

Child Support Modification

Substantial Change in Circumstances Requirement

Modification of a family court order or agreement generally depends on one party’s ability to show a substantial change in material circumstances. The new situation must relate directly to the ex-spouse’s ability to make payments, the needs of the children, or the other parent’s need for support; and the new circumstances must be significantly different from those in place at the time of the original arrangement.

Example of Court Ordered Modifications

Examples of the kinds of issues and situations that may merit a potential court ordered modification include:

  • Remarriage of a former spouse receiving spousal support
  • Disability or serious health problems of a former spouse making child or spousal support payments
  • Significant changes in income to either former spouse due to promotion, layoff, disability, or market conditions
  • Substantial changes in a child’s needs due to accident, illness or disability
  • Job transfers or changes in working hours that will affect child visitation schedules
  • Plans to relocate to another state on the part of a parent with primary physical custody of the children for employment or personal reasons

The court decides whether the circumstances have changed enough to justify modifying the original order. Divorce modification attorney Laurence DePlaza has more than 30+ years of experience and a long history of successfully protecting client interests in modification cases. He knows how to evaluate and analyze the facts of your situation so that you can get a good idea of your prospects of success in obtaining or opposing modification. If the situation requires, he will tenaciously assert your position in court to obtain your desired outcome.

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