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June 2014

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   –    Okla. Woman Arrested for Dropping Child in Trash Can
   –    Judge Says Same-Sex Marriages Do Not Weaken Families
   –    Man Makes 52 Calls to Alleged Abuse Victim from Jail
   –    Fathers Offended by Child Support Text Message
   –    Federal Judge in Wisconsin Denies AG Appeal to Stop Same-Sex Marriages
   –    First of Its Kind DNA Test Solves Boy’s Mystery Coma
   –    Proposed Child Custody Bill Faces Opposition in Illinois
   –    Custody Case Ordered to Go to Trial by Nebraska Supreme Court
   –    Illinois Same-Sex Marriage Ban Lifted
   –    Nebraska High Court Hears Arguments in Same-Sex Divorce Case
   –    La. Governor Vetoes Surrogacy Bill for the Second Time
   –    Calif. Legislators Introduce “Gun Violence Restraining Order” Bill

May 2014

   –    Tennessee Foster Parents Seek Custody of Girl
   –    Judge Rejects Texas Officials’ Attempts to Block Same-Sex Divorce, Custody Case
   –    Ohio Sees Increase in Heroin Use in Child-Custody Cases
   –    Utah AG May Be Held in Contempt For Blocking Same-Sex Adoptions
   –    Federal Judge Strikes Down Gay Marriage Ban in Oregon
   –    Father Files Restraining Order Against Daughter’s 5-Year-Old Bully
   –    Woman Killed By Abusive Husband After Seeking Restraining Orders
   –    Pa. Man Violates Restraining Order By Calling Woman from Jail
   –    Arkansas Plans to Appeal Removal of Same-Sex Marriage Ban
   –    West Virginia Watches as Virginia Appeals Same-Sex Marriage Ruling
   –    N.J. Man Faces Life Sentence for Role in Kidnapping and Forced Divorce
   –    High-Profile Custody Case Goes Back to Court
   –    Judge Grants First Same-Sex Divorce in Missouri
   –    Six Couples File Suit Over Ohio Marriage Restrictions
   –    Louisiana Senate Approves Surrogacy Bill
   –    Minnesota House Approves Gun Ban for Domestic Abusers
   –    Idaho Supreme Court to Allow Same-Sex Adoption Despite Marriage Ban